2020 Suncensored

Celebrate the summer solstice with the launch of the 2020 edition of Year of the Sunrise, fully suncensored.

After photographing over 1,700 consecutive sunrises and an additional 2.5 years of editing, all 366 sunrises from 2020 have finally been completed.

On June 21, the Sunrise Gallery at U.P. Supply Co. will display every sunrise of 2020. Until then, 2020 photos will remain censored.

While photography has been the tangible output of these sunrise years, it has never been about the photos. It has been about the wind on my face and the sand between my toes. No photograph of a sunrise is better than the sunrise experienced.

Purchase your sunrise vouchers before June 21 for just $6 and you can exchange them for a sunrise card of your choice anytime this year. Each voucher or sunrise card sold before June 21 will enter your name into a drawing for a first edition print.

Remember, no matter how gray the day, the sun still rises.

ADVISORY: Uncensored sunrise content contains inclement weather and may not be suitable for fairweather audiences.

Purchase your voucher for a sunrise card

Each sunrise voucher purchased can be exchanged for a sunrise card anytime this year, in-store only*.

For just $6, you’ll save off the standard price and will be able to exchange your voucher for the sunrise card of your choice in store. This will also give me the ability to purchase the 750+ cards necessary to stock the wall for 2020.

Buy one, buy many!

Sunrise Card Sunrise Card
One Sunrise Ticket

*Currently, vouchers can only be exchanged in-store as I currently do not have the ability to track for online sales. But you can exchange your voucher anytime in 2023!

Répondez s’il vous plaît

Planning to stop by the gallery on June 21? I’d love to have you here. Rather, I can’t wait to see you! Please RSVP so the UPSCo. crew can plan accordingly how many donuts to have on hand for the day.

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Event Details

June 21, 2023
Sunrise Gallery @ U.P. Supply Co.
Reveal the 2020 edition of Year of the Sunrise, drink sungria mocktails, eat donuts, visit with friends, make new friends, take the sunrise pledge, watch SunriseTV, and more.

Schedule of events

5:56 a.m.
Join me for sunrise at McCarty's Cove
10 a.m. – 8 p.m.
Celebrate every sunrise of 2020
10:57 a.m.
The Summer Solstice
9:46 p.m.
Sunset at Presque Isle (15 hours, 49 minutes, and 49 seconds of daylight)

2020 Suncensored 2020 Suncensored 2020 Suncensored

The Sunrise Gallery launched in June 2021, an entire one and a half years since the conclusion of Year of the Sunrise I.

At that time, there was no plan beyond 2019, the project was supposed to be just a single year. But it went on, and continues to go on.

By the time the gallery launched in 2021, I was already over a year behind editing photos, keeping up with prints, etc. Let alone all the challenges, hurdles, setbacks (financial and otherwise), as a result of the pandemic.

The completion of editing 2020 photos has become another significant milestone. I was surprised how many of the mornings I remembered in detail as I flipped through a trove of thousands of photos.

Ah, twenty-twenty. What more can be said about this year? As was the case with much of the world, I’m sure you have something pivotal that happened to you in 2020. All other factors aside, 2020 was the most pivotal year of this project. It was the year I forgot to stop watching sunrise. It was the year I just kept going. It was the year I had an epiphany, that I could actually watch more sunrises than I did the previous year.

Beyond the morning ritual of seeking the sunrise, this project has been the exhaustive culmination of photo editing, social media management, prints and products, campaigning others to watch more sunrises, and arguably the most involved website I’ve ever made.

Despite how much I’ve written about this sunrise journey, it seems the longer it goes on the harder it is to speak about it, the more speechless I become.

The vision of what it can become, is so much more. I would love your support in getting there.

Until then, if nothing else, watch more sunrises.

– Bugsy Sailor

Bugsy Sailor

The 2020 Sunrise Gallery

Unveiling on June 21, 2023

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