Which sunrise would you like to see next?

Looking for a particular date? Birthday? Anniversary? Or another significant date?

This is your chance to request which sunrise is published next, while chipping in a few bucks to keep the project going. Make your request below and I’ll publish all remaining sunrises (2021-2023) for that date.

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What's been published for (MM/DD)...

    Frequently, whether in-store or online, people ask “Can I see the sunrise from MMM DD, YYYY?”

    With 1167 sunrises published, and 828 to go, this is going to take some time. Your contribution helps offset the time to required for editing and publishing photos, while also prioritizing the sunrise you want to see next.

    What to expect (and a couple dreams)…

    1. Expect about a week for me to get date requests published.
    2. I will also add your name to the sunrise page as a publisher of that date, in the format of first name, last initial. This is the first of many steps into building out a long list of acknowledgements to make these sunrise years happen.
    3. As a sunrise publisher, you’ll also receive a 20% discount code and first option to buy the First Edition print.
    4. The dream would be to have requests for all 366 dates. That’s far fetched, but in the the case that requests begin to pile up, I’ll prioritize them by the order in which they come in.
    5. With enough requests (20? 30? 50?), I’ll turn on the 2023 calendar and add those dates to the editing queue.
    6. All of this helps to offset the time of getting more published the website. In all, it takes about 30-60 minutes to publish a single sunrise, so one date request can take up to 3 hours of time. With that in mind, it’ll take up to 62 days working around the clock to catch up.

    30 of 366 dates (8.2%) between 2019 and 2023 have been fully published.

    Thank you publishers:

    Andrea U. • Ann J. • Anna H. • Ashley M. • Austin H. • Bennett V. • Bethany S. • Britni V. • Carly M. • Carol S. • Elizabeth A. • Elizabeth K. • Ellie H. • Erin S. • Gabriele R. • Heidi B. • Jessica L. • Kristel T. • Kristina H. • Maura S. • Megan B. • Megan P. • Michael W. • Pete & Mary M. • Russell R. • Sara R. • Spencer L. • Sue • Vickie G. • Victoria L.

    Now that I am publishing sunrises faster than I am taking them (I made some overdue tweaks to my workflow), and most of 2020 is published, I’ve enjoyed hopping around from date to date to publish and finally see 4-up photos of some dates. I’m excited to see which date gets finished next.

    I have always loved unique pricing models, especially when Radiohead announced their album In Rainbows and allowed fans to download it at a price of their choosing. Now, I get to do that here!

    Let’s build the largest collection of sunrise photos and data on the web.

    — Bugsy