Help me sell my 10,000th sunrise card!

sunrise cards sold!

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Each 5x7 sunrise card is also printed on the back, detail the date and time of sunrise, where the photo was taken, if the sun rose, if the sun was visible, and of course each one is individually signed by yours truly.

I’ve learned it’s quite difficult to keep 1,203 unique of something in stock. If your card is missing in stock there is usually a 2-3 week turnaround.

The launch of the Sunrise Gallery changed the trajectory of this project in a way continues to surprise and delight me. It wasn’t until seeing people respond and interact with the photos in person that I learned of the impact of this project has on others.

There have been tears, autographs, photos with TikTok followers, people walking out with literal stacks of cards (the record is 70+ in one purchase), and hearing the importance of what a certain days mean to people, whether it be welcoming a new life into he world, or honoring the passing of a life. Of course there are anniversaries celebrated, and even cute stories of teenagers remembering their first date.

Planning and installing the gallery was a long overly thought out process. Measuring and remeasuring, designing the back of the cards, determining which data to include and exclude, finding a printer, figuring out how the hell I’m going to affix these thin wooden rails to the plaster wall (metal straws were a big breakthrough), and crossing my fingers that the investment and time will be worthwhile.

However, I think of it like a coffee shop. And even if you’re selling black coffee for five bucks, you gotta sell a heck of a lot of coffee to keep the lights on. It still equates to a fairly small drop in the bucket as far as the financial costs go.

As small as a 5x7, I am incredibly blessed that nearly 10,000 of these have entered the world. It’s been a pleasure to hear all the places they’ve gone.

Now, let’s get to 10,000!

To find the sunrise you’re looking for, it’s easiest to browse by year or month, but you can also browse by location, recently published, or even by temperature.

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Bonus content!

Those who know me well know I love random data and statistics. These cards measure 7" wide. Meaning if you layed them out, end to end, a line of 10,000 sunrise cards would stretch 5,833 feet. If you stack 10,000 cards it would stand nearly 28 feet tall. If you have the space, you could build out 27 sunrise galleries.