Located at Upper Peninsula Supply Co. in Marquette, Michigan you’ll find the physical iteration of Year of the Sunrise, presented as The Sunrise Gallery. Inside you’ll find a wall display a year of sunrises, displaying all 366 days of the Gregorian calendar. With over 1,900+ consecutive sunrises photographed to date, you’ll be sure to find one you enjoy.

The display is likely to be something you’ve never seen before, with each sunrise photo displayed on a massive calendar wall. Each row represents a month, and each column represents the date. Each 5x7 card is hand signed on the back including the location and time of that day’s sunrise.

It has long been my goal to present the scope of this project in a non-digital view, without each image being a tiny thumbnail. The display measures 20’ across and 8’ tall.

Stop by at 221 W Washington Street in Downtown Marquette. If you happen to find me there, I would be delighted to answer any of your questions. Until then, watch more sunrises.

The Sunrise Gallery

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