Drops are now deprecated. After a good run, I've learned I can publish sunrises faster when I do just a few at a time, as a time allows, rather than committing to twelve at a time. This will allow me to catch up on publishing faster. See the most recent sunrises to be published.

As of today, I have photographed 1,542 consecutive sunrises. Only 632 of those mornings have been published, which means there is an enormous amount of work to do.

When YOTS began in 2019, I never anticipated an additional three years (and counting?) without missing a sunrise. Now I’m sitting on an additional 20,000+ sunrise photos that need to be edited, uploaded, and published. I am incredibly proud of this website, but it was built with the intention of showcasing just 365 sunrises. I’ve since had to redevelop much of it to accompany a project that no longer has an end date.

Currently, I am slowly making progress on releasing the 910 unpublished sunrise outings. Progress has been slow, but steady. I am publishing more new photos than I am watching new sunrises, meaning I am publishing more than seven per week. I’m excited to see the calendar slowly fill in with photos.

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Feb 28, 2023 Drop No. 16

Jan 18, 2023 Drop No. 15

Dec 5, 2022 Drop No. 14

Nov 21, 2022 Drop No. 13

May 31, 2022 Drop No. 12