We’re not there yet, but it is pretty evident to me nwo that I’ll finish a fifth year year of photographing every single sunrise.

It wasn’t supposed to gon this long, or was it? I have more questions than ever about the longevity and purpose of this project.

One year seemed daunting, but once it becomes part of your life, your ritual, your normal routine, no matter how grump in the morning, an additional four years passes pretty quick.

On September 15, my heart crumbled a little. But I am reminded of my own mantra, the sun still rises. It has now been 1,994 days since missing sunrise.

More from 2023 to come.

Sunrise publishing schedule
I am now publishing sunrises faster than ever, this is great news. With 2019 and 2020 fully published, the plan is to jump around between 2021 and 2023, with a focus on completing 2021. Looking for a specific date? Make a small contribution and I’ll publish the date of your request.


Coldest Sunrise
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Hottest Sunrise

The sun was visible for 54% of 42 sunrises in 2023.