The number 1,461 has been on my mind for a long time. That is, 365 + 366 + 365 + 365, every sunrise for four consecutive years. Before entering 2022 the number 1,461 had no discernible meaning to me.

Four years of every sunrise. The obvious analogy to me is, that’s a bachelor’s degree. If I were to stop today, the work that still lies ahead of me (the writing, publishing, creating, and coding) will be a dissertation.

For the time being, as of this writing, I don’t know what’s ahead, but there is a lot I still hope to create. Before figuring that out, I am taking time to relish in eleven consecutive hatsuhinode celebrations.

As I look back, I do hope this accomplishment is as monumental and valid as it feels to me. To be continued…

Photo publishing schedule
Currently, the plan is to finish publishing 2020 sunrises. If you’d like to a 2021 or 2022 date published, make a request here.