When YOTS began in 2019, there was no anticipation of a continuing project, let alone 1,100+ consecutive sunrises. From the beginning, the plan was to release a single First Edition print for each morning's select sunrise photo.

The intent of the First Edition prints is to offer something unique. First Edition prints will now include embossing, a hand-written thank you note, a certificate of authenticity, a matching 5x7, and a little packaging flare.

Inspired by Hometown Invasion Tour and Radiohead, I've always loved unique pricing models. YOTS I prints are priced for the nth day of the year. January 1 was sold for $1, January 2 for $2, all the way to December 31, for $365. While I love this model for several reasons, it definitely became too convoluted.

For the sake of ease, First Edition prints now have a flat rate of $180. However, I want to continue to offer something unique and special with First Edition prints for what this project personally means to me. Once the first edition is sold, I will create an open edition for the same size and format, but without the embellishments.

Jan 1β€’Cave Point Park
Jan 2β€’Oregon St. Bridge
Jan 3β€’Shiras Park
Jan 4β€’Presque Isle
Jan 5β€’Little Presque Isle
Jan 6β€’Sugarloaf Mountain
Jan 7β€’Shiras Park
Jan 8β€’Shiras Park
Jan 9β€’Marquette Yacht Club
Jan 10β€’Shiras Park
Jan 11β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 12β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 13β€’Shiras Park
Jan 14β€’Clark Lambros Park
Jan 15β€’Presque Isle
Jan 16β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 17β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 18β€’Founders Landing
Jan 19β€’Clark Lambros Park
Jan 20β€’Thill's Fish Dock
Jan 21β€’South Beach
Jan 22β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 23β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 24β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 25β€’Clark Lambros Park
Jan 26β€’McCarty's Cove
Jan 27β€’Shiras Park
Jan 28β€’Coast Guard Station
Jan 29β€’Presque Isle Marina
Jan 30β€’Shiras Park
Jan 31β€’McCarty's Cove
Feb 1β€’Mattson Lower Harbor
Feb 2β€’Shiras Park
Feb 3β€’Presque Isle
Feb 4β€’Shiras Park
Feb 5β€’Shiras Park
Feb 6β€’Bum's Beach
Feb 7β€’Clark Lambros Park
Feb 8β€’McCarty's Cove
Feb 9β€’Sugarloaf Mountain
Feb 10β€’Little Presque Isle
Feb 12β€’Lower Harbor Ore Dock
Feb 13β€’McCarty's Cove
Feb 14β€’Little Presque Isle
Feb 15β€’McCarty's Cove
Feb 16β€’Shiras Park
Feb 18β€’McCarty's Cove
Feb 20β€’Presque Isle
Feb 21β€’McCarty's Cove
Feb 22β€’South Beach
Feb 25β€’Clark Lambros Park
Feb 26β€’Shiras Park
Feb 27β€’Founders Landing
Feb 28β€’Shiras Park
Mar 1β€’Shiras Park
Mar 2β€’Presque Isle
Mar 3β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 4β€’Shiras Park
Mar 5β€’Shiras Park
Mar 6β€’Thill's Fish Dock
Mar 7β€’Shiras Park
Mar 8β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 9β€’Presque Isle
Mar 10β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 11β€’South Beach
Mar 12β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 13β€’Wetmore Landing
Mar 14β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 15β€’Wetmore Landing
Mar 16β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 17β€’Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Mar 18β€’Harlow Creek
Mar 20β€’McCarty's Playground
Mar 22β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 23β€’Shiras Park
Mar 25β€’Lower Harbor Ore Dock
Mar 26β€’Carp River Kiln
Mar 27β€’Sugarloaf Mountain
Mar 28β€’McCarty's Cove
Mar 29β€’Shiras Park
Mar 30β€’Presque Isle
Mar 31β€’Shiras Park
Apr 1β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 2β€’Gaines Rock
Apr 3β€’Shiras Park
Apr 4β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 5β€’Shiras Park
Apr 6β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 7β€’Coast Guard Station
Apr 8β€’Picnic Rocks
Apr 9β€’Lakeshore Bike Path
Apr 10β€’Peninsula Point Lighthouse
Apr 11β€’Nahma Campground
Apr 12β€’Mattson Lower Harbor
Apr 14β€’Little Presque Isle
Apr 16β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 17β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 18β€’Presque Isle
Apr 19β€’Bugsy's Perch
Apr 20β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 21β€’Presque Isle Breakwall
Apr 22β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 23β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 24β€’Pebble Beach
Apr 27β€’McCarty's Cove
Apr 28β€’Picnic Rocks
Apr 30β€’Shiras Park
May 1β€’Harlow Creek
May 2β€’Shiras Park
May 3β€’McCarty's Cove
May 5β€’McCarty's Cove
May 6β€’Bum's Beach
May 7β€’Lakeshore Boulevard
May 8β€’Presque Isle
May 9β€’Little Lake Road
May 10β€’Sand Point
May 11β€’Shiras Park
May 12β€’Wetmore Landing
May 13β€’McCarty's Cove
May 14β€’Clark Lambros Park
May 15β€’Little Presque Isle
May 16β€’McCarty's Cove
May 17β€’McCarty's Cove
May 18β€’Burns Landing
May 19β€’McCarty's Cove
May 20β€’Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
May 21β€’Presque Isle Breakwall
May 22β€’Lakeshore Boulevard
May 23β€’Bugsy's Perch
May 24β€’McCarty's Cove
May 25β€’Clark Lambros Park
May 26β€’Pebble Beach
May 27β€’McCarty's Playground
May 28β€’McCarty's Cove
May 29β€’Leila Arboretum
May 30β€’Lost Pines Lodge
May 31β€’Lakeshore Bike Path
Jun 1β€’Founders Landing
Jun 2β€’Mount Marquette
Jun 3β€’McCarty's Cove
Jun 4β€’Shiras Park
Jun 5β€’Old County Road 510
Jun 6β€’Shiras Park
Jun 7β€’McCarty's Cove
Jun 8β€’McCarty's Cove
Jun 9β€’Picnic Rocks
Jun 10β€’Shiras Park
Jun 11β€’Labonte Park
Jun 12β€’Harlow Lake
Jun 13β€’Little Presque Isle
Jun 14β€’Hidden Beach
Jun 15β€’Lower Harbor Breakwall
Jun 16β€’McCarty's Playground
Jun 18β€’Shiras Park
Jun 19β€’Pebble Beach
Jun 20β€’Harlow Lake
Jun 21β€’McCarty's Cove
Jun 22β€’Shiras Park
Jun 23β€’Shiras Park
Jun 24β€’McCarty's Cove
Jun 25β€’Shiras Park
Jun 27β€’Pebble Beach
Jun 28β€’Carp River Kiln
Jun 29β€’Shiras Park
Jun 30β€’Picnic Rocks
Jul 2β€’McCarty's cove
Jul 3β€’McCarty's Cove
Jul 4β€’M-28 Beach
Jul 5β€’McCarty's cove
Jul 6β€’Bugsy's Perch
Jul 8β€’Pebble Beach
Jul 9β€’Lakeshore Bike Path
Jul 10β€’Wetmore Landing
Jul 12β€’McCarty's Cove
Jul 13β€’Thill's Fish Dock
Jul 14β€’McCarty's Cove
Jul 18β€’Little Traverse Bay
Jul 21β€’Shiras Park
Jul 22β€’Shiras Park
Jul 25β€’Shiras Park
Jul 27β€’NOAA Station MCGM4
Jul 29β€’Shiras Park
Jul 31β€’Head of the Bay
Aug 1β€’Shiras Park
Aug 2β€’Bugsy's Perch
Aug 3β€’South Beach
Aug 4β€’Pebble Beach
Aug 5β€’Shiras Park
Aug 6β€’Shiras Park
Aug 7β€’Clark Lambros Park
Aug 8β€’Shiras Park
Aug 9β€’McCarty's Cove
Aug 10β€’Wetmore Landing
Aug 14β€’Little Presque Isle
Aug 15β€’Sugarloaf Mountain
Aug 17β€’NOAA Station MCGM4
Aug 20β€’Lower Harbor Breakwall
Aug 21β€’Shiras Park
Aug 28β€’McCarty's Cove
Aug 29β€’Municipal Marina
Aug 30β€’US 41
Aug 31β€’McCarty's Cove
Sep 1β€’Harlow Lake
Sep 2β€’Harlow Lake
Sep 3β€’Coast Guard Station
Sep 4β€’Upper Harbor Ore Dock
Sep 5β€’South Beach
Sep 6β€’Harlow Creek
Sep 7β€’Shiras Park
Sep 8β€’Wetmore Landing
Sep 9β€’McCarty's Cove
Sep 10β€’Presque Isle
Sep 11β€’McCarty's Cove
Sep 12β€’Shiras Park
Sep 13β€’Shiras Steam Plant
Sep 24β€’Presque Isle
Sep 26β€’Robinson's Folly
Sep 27β€’Red Cedar River
Sep 29β€’McCarty's Cove
Oct 1β€’Shiras Park
Oct 2β€’Deer Lake
Oct 3β€’Harlow Lake
Oct 7β€’Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Oct 8β€’Bum's Beach
Oct 9β€’Bum's Beach
Oct 12β€’Champion Street
Oct 13β€’Black Rocks
Oct 19β€’Carp River
Oct 20β€’Shiras Park
Oct 21β€’Shiras Park
Oct 22β€’Presque Isle
Oct 24β€’Shiras Park
Oct 27β€’Shiras Park
Oct 28β€’Shiras Park
Oct 31β€’Shiras Park
Nov 1β€’Little Presque Isle
Nov 2β€’Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Nov 3β€’South Beach
Nov 4β€’Shiras Park
Nov 5β€’Dead River Basin
Nov 6β€’Shiras Park
Nov 7β€’Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Nov 8β€’Shiras Park
Nov 9β€’McCarty's Cove
Nov 10β€’Upper Harbor Ore Dock
Nov 11β€’Presque Isle
Nov 12β€’Shiras Park
Nov 13β€’Sugarloaf Mountain
Nov 14β€’McCarty's Cove
Nov 15β€’Bum's Beach
Nov 16β€’Lower Harbor Ore Dock
Nov 17β€’Lakeshore Bike Path
Nov 18β€’McCarty's Cove
Nov 19β€’McCarty's Cove
Nov 20β€’Presque Isle Breakwall
Nov 21β€’McCarty's Cove
Nov 24β€’McCarty's Cove
Nov 28β€’McCarty's Cove
Nov 30β€’Coast Guard Beach
Dec 1β€’Shiras Park
Dec 2β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 3β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 4β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 5β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 6β€’Little Presque Isle
Dec 7β€’Shiras Park
Dec 8β€’Shiras Park
Dec 9β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 10β€’Presque Isle
Dec 11β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 12β€’Shiras Park
Dec 13β€’Harlow Lake
Dec 14β€’Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Dec 15β€’Shiras Park
Dec 16β€’Presque Isle
Dec 17β€’South Beach
Dec 18β€’Shiras Park
Dec 19β€’Lower Harbor Breakwall
Dec 20β€’Shiras Park
Dec 21β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 22β€’Wetmore Landing
Dec 23β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 24β€’Sugarloaf Mountain
Dec 25β€’Sand Point
Dec 26β€’Portage River
Dec 27β€’McCarty's Cove
Dec 28β€’Shiras Park
Dec 29β€’Blue Mound State Park
Dec 30β€’Brittingham Boat House
Dec 31β€’Fryes Feeder