Sunrise from Little Presque Isle, Marquette, MI

Sunrise No. 957 of 1,600+

  • Sunrise time: 6:47
  • Azimuth: 68°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: Yup


  • Felt like: 56 ºF
  • Air Temp: 56 ºF
  • Humidity: 62%
  • Wind: 3 mph
  • Wind gust: 8 mph


  • 17mm
  • f/10.0
  • 1/50 sec
  • 200


Little Presque Isle, Marquette, MI

6.8 mile commute

📍 46° 38' 6" N, -87° 27' 46" W

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Musings [327 words]

I was incredibly disheartened to walk to the point and see this log littered with towels and water bottles. More so, that all the life preservation gear was also scattered across this log. There were no cars in the parking, no signs of others nearby.

Little Presque Isle, Marquette, Michigan

In hindsight, now two years later, an entirely different thought comes to mind. Was all of this strewn about because of an actual emergency situation the day before?

There have been enough drownings and rescues at Little Presque Isle that I wondered if the flotation devices were being used for their given purpose, and if some type of emergency situation had people leave in a panic, leaving things where they were. There have been recent drownings.

Returning to a place with frequency, I’m interested to see what changes in the landscape from visit to visit, from time to time, whether it be a day or months.

The experience of his morning, at my favorite sunrise location, embodies those changes.

I could choose a prettier photo to represent the morning, but with much landscape and nature photography, we often filter out the human impact, the human presence. This one is a reminder that, in terms of this project, it’s not about the prettiest photo (or the one that sells best), but the most representative photo. That same lesson can be applied to many things. Representation matters.

The published photo shows the change in landscape, the temporary fence to steer people away from the erosion. The cement pad and bench, now gone. The big boulder at the point remains, but it has been tipped over.

Which changes to the landscape are natural, and which are a direct impact from us?

Ok, these are some scattered musings, but that’s the intention.

If this stuff was strewn about because of an emergency, remember folks, be cautious and mindful of the rip currents.

Secondly, if this stuff was strewn about without purpose, please, pick up after yourself.


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