When I anticipated phasing out my sunrise endeavors, it began to feel that I was just getting started. While there was some debate headed in 2020 about the future of daily sunrises, there was no doubt that I was going to keep going in 2021.

On August 14 of YOTS I I wrote in my journal about watching 1,000 consecutive sunrises. It was a small reflection at the time, but something about 1,000 sunrises was so gratifying to think about.

I am still on my way to 1,000, which will be on September 26. At that point, I’ll be just three months shy of a third consecutive year of not missing a sunrise. That’s the current goal. For now, follow @bugsysailor on Instagram for almost-daily sunrise photos.

Photo publishing schedule
Currently, the plan is to finish publishing 2020 sunrises. If you’d like to a 2021 or 2022 date published, make a request here.