When YOTS began in 2019, there was no anticipation of a continuing project, let alone 1,100+ consecutive sunrises. From the beginning, the plan was to release a single First Edition print for each morning's select sunrise photo.

The intent of the First Edition prints is to offer something unique. First Edition prints will now include embossing, a hand-written thank you note, a certificate of authenticity, a matching 5x7, and a little packaging flare.

Inspired by Hometown Invasion Tour and Radiohead, I've always loved unique pricing models. YOTS I prints are priced for the nth day of the year. January 1 was sold for $1, January 2 for $2, all the way to December 31, for $365. While I love this model for several reasons, it definitely became too convoluted.

For the sake of ease, First Edition prints now have a flat rate of $180. However, I want to continue to offer something unique and special with First Edition prints for what this project personally means to me. Once the first edition is sold, I will create an open edition for the same size and format, but without the embellishments.

Jan 1•Peninsula Point Lighthouse
Jan 2•McCarty's Cove
Jan 3•Clark Lambros Park
Jan 4•Bum's Beach
Jan 5•Presque Isle
Jan 6•Sugarloaf Mountain
Jan 7•McCarty's Cove
Jan 8•Coast Guard Station
Jan 9•Clark Lambros Park
Jan 10•McCarty's Cove
Jan 11•Founders Landing Boardwalk
Jan 12•Presque Isle
Jan 13•Shiras Park
Jan 14•Bum's Beach
Jan 15•Founders Landing Boardwalk
Jan 16•Mattson Lower Harbor
Jan 17•Clark Lambros Park
Jan 18•Ridge Street
Jan 19•Picnic Rocks
Jan 20•Founders Landing
Jan 21•McCarty's Cove
Jan 22•Lakeshore Boulevard
Jan 23•Presque Isle Breakwall
Jan 24•Founders Landing Boardwalk
Jan 25•Presque Isle
Jan 26•Head of the Bay
Jan 27•Lake Plumbago
Jan 28•Clark Lambros Park
Jan 29•McCarty's Cove
Jan 30•Clark Lambros Park
Jan 31•Picnic Rocks
Feb 1•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 2•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 3•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 4•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 5•Presque Isle
Feb 6•Bum's Beach
Feb 7•Bugsy's Perch
Feb 8•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 9•Harbor of Refuge
Feb 10•Harbor of Refuge
Feb 11•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 13•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 14•NOAA Station MCGM4
Feb 15•McCarty's Cove
Feb 16•Clark Lambros Park
Feb 17•South Beach
Feb 18•Presque Isle Breakwall
Feb 19•McCarty's Cove
Feb 20•Heritage Hall
Feb 21•Spring Valley Park
Feb 22•The Lakefill
Feb 23•Sunrise Avenue
Feb 24•McCarty's Cove
Feb 26•Presque Isle Breakwall
Feb 27•Picnic Rocks
Feb 28•McCarty's Cove
Mar 1•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Mar 2•Presque Isle
Mar 3•Shiras Park
Mar 4•Picnic Rocks
Mar 5•Coast Guard Station
Mar 6•Clark Lambros Park
Mar 7•Washington & Third
Mar 8•Shiras Park
Mar 9•Clark Lambros Park
Mar 10•Founders Landing
Mar 11•Clark Lambros Park
Mar 12•Clark Lambros Park
Mar 13•Presque Isle
Mar 14•McCarty's Cove
Mar 15•NOAA Station MCGM4
Mar 16•McCarty's Cove
Mar 17•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Mar 18•Clark Lambros Park
Mar 19•Shiras Park
Mar 20•McCarty's Cove
Mar 21•Big Bay Road
Mar 22•McCarty's Cove
Mar 23•South of Picnic Rocks
Mar 24•Clark Lambros Park
Mar 25•Picnic Rocks
Mar 26•McCarty's Cove
Mar 27•Bum's Beach
Mar 28•Clark Lambros Park
Mar 29•Shiras Park
Mar 30•McCarty's Cove
Mar 31•Presque Isle Breakwall
Apr 1•Shiras Park
Apr 2•Bugsy's Perch
Apr 3•Pebble Beach
Apr 4•Shiras Park
Apr 5•Whitefish Point
Apr 6•Clark Lambros Park
Apr 7•Shiras Park
Apr 8•Founders Landing Boardwalk
Apr 9•Whetstone Brook
Apr 10•Shiras Park
Apr 11•Shiras Park
Apr 12•Shiras Park
Apr 13•Shiras Park
Apr 14•Shiras Park
Apr 15•McCarty's Cove
Apr 16•Shiras Park
Apr 17•Presque Isle
Apr 18•Shiras Park
Apr 19•Shiras Park
Apr 20•Shiras Park
Apr 21•McCarty's Cove
Apr 22•Shiras Park
Apr 23•Pebble Beach
Apr 24•Shiras Park
Apr 25•Shiras Park
Apr 26•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Apr 27•McCarty's Cove
Apr 28•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Apr 29•Lakeshore Bike Path
Apr 30•Shiras Park
May 1•Plimpton Point
May 2•Bum's Beach
May 3•McCarty's Cove
May 4•Little Presque Isle
May 5•McCarty's Cove
May 6•Lakeshore Boulevard
May 7•Presque Isle
May 8•Picnic Rocks
May 9•Mouth of the Carp
May 10•Wetmore Landing
May 11•Shiras Park
May 12•Shiras Park
May 13•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
May 14•Mount Marquette
May 15•Shiras Park
May 16•Shiras Park
May 17•Shiras Park
May 18•Shiras Park
May 19•Shiras Park
May 20•Shiras Park
May 21•Shiras Park
May 22•Whetstone Brook
May 23•McCarty's Cove
May 24•Pebble Beach
May 25•Presque Isle
May 26•Picnic Rocks
May 27•Little Presque Isle
May 28•Presque Isle Breakwall
May 29•Shiras Park
May 30•Presque Isle Breakwall
May 31•Lakeshore Boulevard
Jun 1•Shiras Park
Jun 2•Presque Isle Breakwall
Jun 3•McCarty's Cove
Jun 4•McCarty's Cove
Jun 6•Shiras Park
Jun 7•McCarty's Cove
Jun 8•Presque Isle
Jun 9•McCarty's Cove
Jun 10•Shiras Park
Jun 11•Shiras Park
Jun 12•Pebble Beach
Jun 13•McCarty's Cove
Jun 14•McCarty's Cove
Jun 15•NOAA Station MCGM4
Jun 16•McCarty's Cove
Jun 17•Presque Isle
Jun 18•Sunset Point
Jun 19•McCarty's Cove
Jun 20•Shiras Park
Jun 21•LaBonte Park
Jun 22•Point Abbaye
Jun 23•Shiras Park
Jun 24•Shiras Park
Jun 25•Shiras Park
Jun 26•Pebble Beach
Jun 27•McCarty's Cove
Jun 28•McCarty's Cove
Jun 29•McCarty's Playground
Jun 30•Lakeshore Boulevard
Jul 1•McCarty's Cove
Jul 2•ROTC Rock
Jul 4•Lakenenland
Jul 5•Picnic Rocks
Jul 6•McCarty's Cove
Jul 7•Shiras Park
Jul 8•Shiras Park
Jul 9•Shiras Park
Jul 10•Shiras Park
Jul 11•Shiras Park
Jul 12•Little Presque Isle
Jul 13•Sugarloaf Mountain
Jul 14•Bugsy's Perch
Jul 15•Mount Marquette
Jul 16•McCarty's Cove
Jul 17•McCarty's Cove
Jul 19•McCarty's Cove
Jul 20•McCarty's Cove
Jul 22•Clark Lambros Park
Jul 23•McCarty's Cove
Jul 24•Shiras Park
Jul 25•McCarty's Cove
Jul 26•McCarty's Cove
Jul 27•Shiras Park
Jul 28•McCarty's Cove
Jul 29•McCarty's Cove
Jul 30•Presque Isle Breakwall
Jul 31•South Beach
Aug 1•Shiras Park
Aug 2•McCarty's Cove
Aug 3•Harlow Creek
Aug 4•McCarty's Cove
Aug 5•Shiras Park
Aug 6•Whetstone Brook
Aug 7•Shiras Park
Aug 8•Shiras Park
Aug 9•Pebble Beach
Aug 10•Shiras Park
Aug 11•Shiras Park
Aug 12•Shiras Park
Aug 13•Shiras Park
Aug 14•Bugsy's Perch
Aug 15•Shiras Park
Aug 16•McCarty's Cove
Aug 17•Superior Dome
Aug 18•McCarty's Cove
Aug 19•McCarty's Cove
Aug 20•Shiras Park
Aug 21•Coast Guard Station
Aug 22•McCarty's Cove
Aug 23•Picnic Rocks
Aug 24•Shiras Park
Aug 25•Shiras Park
Aug 26•Shiras Park
Aug 27•Shiras Park
Aug 28•Black Rocks
Aug 29•McCarty's Cove
Aug 31•Shiras Park
Sep 1•McCarty's Cove
Sep 3•McCarty's Cove
Sep 4•Shiras Park
Sep 5•Shiras Park
Sep 6•Shiras Park
Sep 7•Presque Isle
Sep 8•Shiras Park
Sep 9•Shiras Park
Sep 10•Shiras Park
Sep 11•McCarty's Cove
Sep 12•McCarty's Cove
Sep 13•Shiras Park
Sep 14•Bum's Beach
Sep 15•Picnic Rocks
Sep 16•Shiras Park
Sep 17•McCarty's Cove
Sep 18•Presque Isle
Sep 19•Shiras Park
Sep 20•Shiras Park
Sep 21•Shiras Park
Sep 22•Presque Isle
Sep 23•Lakeshore Bike Path
Sep 24•Bugsy's Perch
Sep 25•Little Presque Isle
Sep 26•Shiras Park
Sep 27•Pebble Beach
Sep 28•Picnic Rocks
Sep 29•Founders Landing Boardwalk
Sep 30•Shiras Park
Oct 1•McCarty's Cove
Oct 2•Shiras Park
Oct 4•McCarty's Cove
Oct 5•McCarty's Cove
Oct 6•Shiras Park
Oct 7•Shiras Park
Oct 8•Shiras Park
Oct 9•Shiras Park
Oct 11•Wetmore Landing
Oct 12•Shiras Park
Oct 13•Presque Isle
Oct 14•Bum's Beach
Oct 15•Presque Isle
Oct 16•Presque Isle
Oct 17•McCarty's Cove
Oct 18•Shiras Park
Oct 19•Presque Isle
Oct 20•Shiras Park
Oct 21•McCarty's Cove
Oct 23•McCarty's Cove
Oct 24•South Beach
Oct 25•Shiras Park
Oct 26•McCarty's Cove
Oct 27•Wetmore Landing
Oct 28•Shiras Park
Oct 29•McCarty's Cove
Oct 30•Presque Isle
Oct 31•Shiras Park
Nov 1•Clark Lambros Park
Nov 2•Shiras Park
Nov 3•Shiras Park
Nov 4•Shiras Park
Nov 5•Shiras Park
Nov 6•Shiras Park
Nov 7•Clark Lambros Park
Nov 9•Lower Harbor Breakwall
Nov 12•McCarty's Cove
Nov 13•Shiras Park
Nov 14•Lakeshore & Wright St.
Nov 15•McCarty's Cove
Nov 16•LS&I Dock
Nov 17•Founders Landing
Nov 18•Shiras Park
Nov 19•South Beach
Nov 20•Shiras Park
Nov 21•Shiras Park
Nov 22•Thill's Fish Dock
Nov 23•McCarty's Cove
Nov 24•Clark Lambros Park
Nov 25•Shiras Park
Nov 26•Wetmore Landing
Nov 27•Presque Isle
Nov 28•Shiras Park
Nov 29•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Nov 30•Little Presque Isle
Dec 1•McCarty's Cove
Dec 2•Little Presque Isle
Dec 3•Lakeshore Boulevard
Dec 4•Harlow Creek
Dec 5•Founders Landing Boardwalk
Dec 6•Sugarloaf Mountain
Dec 7•Shiras Park
Dec 8•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Dec 9•Little Presque Isle
Dec 10•Shiras Park
Dec 11•Clark Lambros Park
Dec 12•Shiras Park
Dec 13•South Beach
Dec 14•Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Dec 15•Shiras Park
Dec 16•Upper Harbor Ore Dock
Dec 17•McCarty's Cove
Dec 18•Presque Isle Breakwall
Dec 20•Black Rocks
Dec 21•Shiras Park
Dec 22•Shiras Park
Dec 23•Shiras Park
Dec 24•Shiras Park
Dec 25•Municipal Marina
Dec 26•US 41
Dec 27•Shiras Park
Dec 28•McCarty's Cove
Dec 29•Sugarloaf Mountain
Dec 30•Wetmore Landing
Dec 31•Shiras Park