Sunrise from I-75, Hazel Park, MI

Sunrise No. 312 of 1,600+

  • Sunrise time: 7:14
  • Azimuth: 113°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: Yes


  • Felt like: 17 ºF
  • Air Temp: 24 ºF
  • Humidity: 76%
  • Wind: 6 mph


  • 17mm
  • f/14.0
  • 1/60 sec
  • 500


I-75, Hazel Park, MI

351.8 mile commute

📍 42° 28' 15" N, -83° 6' 37" W

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Musings [349 words]

Today is Friday. It is November 8. I’m seated at Strange Matter Coffee Co. on Michigan Avenue in Lansisng, Michigan.

This used to be home, for a very long time. No, not Strange Matter, but Lansing. And East Lansing for that matter. The town has grown and changed, the people seem to have stayed young and become more attractive and stylish. Lansing seems more stylish. Or maybe I’m just old.

It was five years at Michigan State. Another five years living and working in Lansing. I had long wanted to get down here for sunrise, a place that was home for such a long time. But, I woke up in Royal Oak and am happy to sneak over to Lansing for part of a day with a dear old friend. A new old friend perhaps, that would be nice.

My time here could never be replicated. For a while, I wanted that, and I tried. And I associate more senitimental feelings with the five young years of my career more than I do the five years of being in college. Maybe it’s simply because it’s just that much closer in my memory.

I’ll always look back on these years here as a special time that will never exist again. There may be better eras in my life, there may be worse eras in my life, but they will certainly always be different. Nothing will be quite like those Lansing years, the Traction years specifically.

In fact, today is Terry’s last day at Traction, and I might get to meet up with the guy. Other than Cam, he’ll be my last connection to Traction. With each passing year, there are fewer and fewer connections that keep me coming back.

For years I have been telling people, “Lansing is my home outisde of the U.P.” This is where I grew up in a lot of ways, and it’s still where I drema of building the Upper Peninsula Embassy one day. If that happens, then I guess it would stay my second home forever.

Mamma always said I was the senitimental one.