Sunrise from Grand Island Ferry Dock, Munising, MI

Sunrise No. 86 of 1,600+

  • Sunrise time: 7:36
  • Azimuth: 85°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: No


  • Felt like: 23 ºF
  • Air Temp: 32 ºF
  • Humidity: 66%
  • Wind: 11 mph


  • 17mm
  • f/4.0
  • 1/160 sec
  • 640


Grand Island Ferry Dock, Munising, MI

36 mile commute

📍 46° 26' 43" N, -86° 39' 52" W

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Musings [107 words]

The excitement of a sunrise piques when a new location and a real road trip are involved. For most of this year it’s just been a matter of taking a short drive or walk within a few mile radius. I’m finally parked after today’s drive and found myself in Ypsilanti for tomorrow’s DO (something) conference.

During a long road trip the stress dissipates and the ideas flow a little more smooth. Of course, new ideas is the last thing I need right now with an endless list of unfinished, partially started, and not even started projects. But when the energy and inspiration are high, so am I.