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Sunrise from One Marquette Place
Sunrise from Wetmore Landing
Sunrise from Shiras Park
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Little Presque Isle
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Hawley Street
Sunrise from Mount Marquette
Sunrise from Clark Lambros Park
Sunrise from Upper Harbor Ore Dock
Sunrise from Harlow Creek
Sunrise from Middle Bay
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from McCarty's Cove
Sunrise from McCarty's Cove
Sunrise from Freeman Landing
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Lakeshore Boulevard
Sunrise from County Road 510
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Wetmore Landing
Sunrise from Black Rocks
Sunrise from Dead River Basin
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from South Beach
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Presque Isle

June Highlights

  • 30 consecutive sunrises before 6:00AM
  • Alas, Summer Soltice arrived
  • I’ve never seen a day at Black Rocks like this
  • Lots of tripod shots, and lots of shots just before the sun broke the horizon
  • Lots and lots of beach grass photos, I could photograph beach grass for an eternity
  • Sun was visible for 17 of 30 sunrises

June Temperatures

Coldest Sunrise
38º F
Avg. temp
50º F
Hottest Sunrise
70º F

June Overview

June is a month of milestones for this particular project. In January, when I set out on this idea, it seemed so daunting to get to June. I’m not a morning person, and the idea of gradually getting up earlier and earlier every day for 6 months without a break until the earliest sunrise at 5:55AM seemed nearly impossible. It sounded ridiculous. Six months later, it’s just a part of my daily routine and I wonder why nobody else has done this darn project before me. I mean really, there are so many very talented people that could offer so much more to this project, from design, to photography, to writing, to delivery, and variety of locations. But for whatever reason, it’s just me.

Now, I’m past the earliest sunrise of the year and I have completed the first six months. My fear is that this is where I became complacent. The challenge and most difficult part is behind me, and that’s where I tend to get a little bored, which was the theme of a few journal entries this month. Other themes included a lot of matters of the heart, the imposter syndrome, and fighting to find an original approach.

Here’s to the next six months.

Songs of June

Music has played a large role in this year's journey. These are the songs that were the theme of June, the ones that were playing in my car stereo on the way to sunrise, in my headphones while editing photos, and the ones being shared with those closeest to me. Check out the entire playlist.

Because I wish she were.

Maybe, just maybe, I went to war for a loveable feeling more than ever before. Ashore. Water. Sand. River. Rain cloud.

It'd be better if it was called Sun Up

And I don't know why I can't find a lover, one that I like or one that really feels like home.

June Sunrise Locations

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