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Sunrise from Whitefish Point
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Marquette Yacht Club
Sunrise from Founders Landing
Sunrise from Lower Harbor Breakwall
Sunrise from South Beach
Sunrise from Mattson Lower Harbor
Sunrise from Marquette Harbor Lighthouse
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Shiras Park
Sunrise from Presque Isle Breakwall
Sunrise from Larch Breakwall
Sunrise from Little Bay de Noc
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Founders Landing Boardwalk
Sunrise from South Beach
Sunrise from Thill & Sons Fish House
Sunrise from Thill's Fish Dock
Sunrise from Thill's Fish Dock
Sunrise from Founders Landing
Sunrise from Thill's Fish Dock
Sunrise from Founders Landing
Sunrise from Marquette Yacht Club
Sunrise from Lower Harbor Breakwall
Sunrise from South Beach
Sunrise from Clark Lambros Park
Sunrise from Founders Landing Boardwalk
Sunrise from Sugarloaf Mountain
Sunrise from Sunset Point
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Presque Isle

January Highlights

  • January 1st was pretty much a double rainbow moment.
  • Coldest temp was approximately -32º windchill, on January 31st
  • 11 day streak without actually seeing the sun at sunrise.
  • Chased the water each day, 29 along Lake Superior, 2 along Lake Michigan. This may not change much.
  • Brought coffee and hot chocolate to Orehenge seekers.
  • Sun was visible for 8 of 31 sunrises

January Temperatures

Coldest Sunrise
-31º F
Avg. temp
3º F
Hottest Sunrise
32º F

January Overview

One year, every sunrise.

It’s a simple goal, really. If you’re a morning person, disciplined, and enjoy -30º windchills. Although, only one of these applies to me.

What this is really about is getting back to nature and photography. Less so for the sake of photography, and more so for the sake of my soul. Photography has always been a means of staying grounded and connecting with the outdoor world, but it’s something I’ve gotten away from.

For most of my adult life I have woken up and headed straight to a computer as the first task in the morning. What’s been circulating in my head is, what can change in a person’s character if the first task every day is to spend it outdoors, chasing the sunrise, and not missing a day off just because it’s “cold” or rainy.

In a sense, this began on December 31, 2012, when I decided I would start a new tradition of watching the first sunrise of the new year. It’s been seven years straight and serves as a magical day on the calendar. But how many sunrises do I see the reset of the year? Not many. Time to change that.

Recently, I have become less comfortable with being alone, whether it be stone skipping, snowboarding, or sitting at the coffee shop. I want that comfort to return, while staying grounded. That being said, anyone who wants to join for the sunrise is more than welcome.

Songs of January

Music has played a large role in this year's journey. These are the songs that were the theme of January, the ones that were playing in my car stereo on the way to sunrise, in my headphones while editing photos, and the ones being shared with those closeest to me. Check out the entire playlist.

Gimme that spoken word.

And another for anyone listening...

The morning energy I needed on those cold snowy mornings.

January Sunrise Locations

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