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Sunrise Photo Print Sunrise Photo Print Sunrise Card Sunrise from Pebble Beach, Marquette, MI

Prints are currently available in three sizes. Two traditional photo prints are available, measuring 18"h x 24"w and 11"h x 14"w. These prints have a calendar on the bottom where the year, date, and time of sunrise are marked.

Additionally, there is a 5x7" card available for each sunrise, which has all relevant sunrise information hand-written on back. These popular cards are on display in my Sunrise Gallery at U.P. Supply Co.

Each print and card is signed and dated by yours truly with the relative sizes shown above.

Purchase Sunrise No. map[int:58 number:58 text:58] below or return to sunrise details. Currently, the best way to find the print you want is to browse by year or month.

Pricing & Estimated Turn Around Times:

Turn Around
5x7 card
1-3 weeks
11x14 print
3-4 weeks
18x24 print
3-4 weeks
First edition

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While still out there capturing sunrise each morning, I'm asking for patience in print delivery. Ideally, the turn around time will be faster, but I'm giving myself a buffer while I tackle the scope and scale of this project as it grows. I'll give it my best to get things out on schedule.

2019 First Edition Pricing $58

This first edition print has been sold

Inspired by Hometown Invasion Tour and Radiohead, I've always loved unique pricing models. 2019 First Edition prints are priced for the nth day of the year. January 1 was sold for $1, January 2 for $2, all the way to December 31, for $365.

While I love this model for several reasons, I am dropping it for a flat fee for future prints. But for 2019, I want to see it through for these prints. One reason, is that they are the prints and photos that mean the most to me as the project came to life. Secondly, there is truth in it that with each passing sunrise, each sunrise became more valuable to me.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 181
Day 182
Day 183
Day 363
Day 364
Day 365

In the framed mockup below, the size is slightly scaled up to show additional detail.

Sunrise from Pebble Beach, Marquette, MI Sunrise from Pebble Beach, Marquette, MI