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Sunrise from NOAA Station MCGM4
Sunrise from Teal Lake
Sunrise from Clark Lambros Park
Sunrise from McCarty's Cove
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Wetmore Landing
Sunrise from Lower Harbor Ore Dock
Sunrise from Pebble Beach
Sunrise from South Beach
Sunrise from Whetstone Brook
Sunrise from Black Rocks
Sunrise from Mattson Lower Harbor
Sunrise from Presque Isle
Sunrise from Founders Landing
Sunrise from Clark Lambros Park
Sunrise from Pebble Beach
Sunrise from Picnic Rocks
Sunrise from Lakeshore Boulevard
Sunrise from Clark Lambros Park
Sunrise from Whetstone Brook
Sunrise from Black Rocks
Sunrise from Dead River Basin
Sunrise from Founders Landing Boardwalk
Sunrise from Clark Lambros Park
Sunrise from Bum's Beach
Sunrise from Pebble Beach
Sunrise from Clark Lambros Park

February Highlights

  • 1 – Number of times falling through the ice.
  • 8 – The number sunrises where the sun was actually visible.
  • In the first two months of this endeavor I have nearly double my average number of steps per day.
  • The first photo with people, I even talked to them, perhaps I’m getting more confident.
  • Both January And February began and ended with the sun being visible and gorgeous.
  • Sun was visible for 8 of 28 sunrises

February Temperatures

Coldest Sunrise
-20º F
Avg. temp
5º F
Hottest Sunrise
24º F

February Overview

“Take long walks in stormy weather or through deep snows in the fields and woods, if you would keep your spirits up. Deal with brute nature. Be cold and hungry and weary.” – Henry David Thoreau

February, my favorite month of the year, the shortest month of the year, the peak of all winter activities, my birth month, and the month of one of my favorite holidays, Valentine’s Day.

In recent years, I’ve struggled with my birthday. Wishing I was more secure in my life, or further ahead. I thought, by 2019, I would have a spouse, or maybe a house. It remains the source of many of my biggest insecurities and has been a theme of many thoughts on these mornings.

However, it is February, and what a truly remarkable and beautiful February it has been. It has likely been the winteriest winter of my adult life (of course many of those were spent in Lansing and not the Upper Peninsula). From windchills in the -20s, multiple double-digit snowstorms, an ice storm, and the snowiest winter Marquette has experienced in over a decade. It’s magical.

Songs of February

Music has played a large role in this year's journey. These are the songs that were the theme of February, the ones that were playing in my car stereo on the way to sunrise, in my headphones while editing photos, and the ones being shared with those closeest to me. Check out the entire playlist.

February Sunrise Locations

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