Sunrise from South Beach, Marquette, MI

Sunrise No. 361 of 1,600+

  • Sunrise time: 8:32
  • Azimuth: 124°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: No


  • Felt like: 30 ºF
  • Air Temp: 33 ºF
  • Humidity: 71%
  • Wind: 3 mph
  • Wind gust: 10 mph


  • 17mm
  • f/22.0
  • 30 sec
  • 50


South Beach, Marquette, MI

1.2 mile commute

📍 46° 31' 41" N, -87° 23' 27" W

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Musings [401 words]

I’ve got a TV interview scheduled for December 31. I actually have this tiny fear that I’m going to break out in tears on live television as all this emotion of an incredible year and project come to a head.

Paige, one of the reporters asked, “Is this the first resolution you’ve completed?”

My instinct was to answer “Nope, 4th!”

But I thought about that for a minute, and it might all be a lie. Is any of this project a lie? I still have to contend with [REDACTED].

  1. In high school I decided to stop drinking pop. I don’t recall if this was affiliated with New Years, and though I recall giving it up for a long time I can’t be sure that I didn’t have a single can of pop for an entire year.

  2. In 2010 I launched Beer With Branson as a resolution to have a beer with Richard Branson. It happened… in 2014. So in the context of a resolutoin bretween Jan 1 and Dec 31, I failed. And here it gets a little complicated…

  3. In 2014 I also decided to give up alcohol as a resolution. It was an incredible experience, especially from the perspective of a social experiment. In the end, peer pressure of alcohol isn’t much different as an adult than a teenager. If your decision not to drink is rooted in substance abuse or religion, that’s ok and acceptable. However, if it’s merely by choice, people are complexed and feel it’s not nearly as acceptable. I successfully went a year without, an extended it a few more months until I was at The Boot pub in London in March 2015. Almost.

  4. In 2019 I set out to photograph every sunrise of 2019. I’m four days away.

However… in 2010 I launch a resolution, that didn’t conclude until 2014. And to achieve that resolution I had to have a drink, breaking the 2014 resolution.

So have I ever successfully completed a New Year’s resolution? Technically, I guess the answer is no.

A mere technicality can have many implications. A technicality can be the basis of an innocent man going to prison for life, or the basis of a man getting away with murder.

Resolutions are hard, really hard. There’s a reason why the last week of December we rarely hear stories about successful resolutions, and a lot could happen in the next four days.


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