April 3, 2019

South Beach at 7:25am

Sunrise from South Beach, Marquette, MI

Sunrise 93 of 365

  • Sunrise time: 7:25
  • Azimuth: 81°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: Yes


  • Temperature: 30 ºF
  • Felt like: 24 ºF
  • Conditions: Overcast
  • Wind: 6 mph
  • Visibility: 10.0 mi
  • Humidity: 72%


  • 17mm
  • f/13.0
  • 1/125 sec
  • 200


South Beach, Marquette, MI

46° 31' 41" N, -87° 23' 30" W

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Musings [108 words]

For the first time since I was in kindergarten, I didn’t lace up hockey skates or snowboard boots this winter. That is what, about 31 years?

But I found my two feet and my camera, having taken more photos this year than all of 2018 combined.

I’ll never do a double cork, but I hope I can still do b/s 720s the next time I get on a snowboard. And hopefully I’ll have afforded myself a new kit by then, rather than one that’s 18 years old. And I’d to still rip a slapshot bar-down from the blue line when I’m 40. Which is sooner than I’d like.

Fuel more Sunrises

There is plenty more to come from Year of the Sunrise. You can always add a cup of coffee to keep me going strong in the mornings, or a tank of gas to get me to some new places, as the sun keeps rising.