April 25, 2019

North of Picnic Rocks at 6:45am

Sunrise from North of Picnic Rocks, Marquette, MI

Sunrise 115 of 365

  • Sunrise time: 6:45
  • Azimuth: 70°
  • Did the sun rise: Yes
  • Was the sun visible: No


  • Temperature: 44 ºF
  • Felt like: 37 ºF
  • Conditions: Partly Cloudy
  • Wind: 15 mph
  • Visibility: 10.0 mi
  • Humidity: 72%


  • 85mm
  • f/9.0
  • 1/160 sec
  • 320


North of Picnic Rocks, Marquette, MI

46° 33' 42" N, -87° 23' 19" W

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Musings [246 words]

Just yesterday I spoke publically about my creative process in the last of April’s Bytes With Bugsy series. There have been a large number of talks over the years, but I have never given a talk with the focus being on my creative process.

It’s all about the benjamins vennjamins!

Just venn it!

My weekly moment of venn.

Warming up in the bullvenn.

The three wise venn.

Every now and venn.

(There must be other good venn puns?)

Venn diagrams are just one small snippet. But by chance, it lead to exactly what I want to do with this sunrise project…

Fuel more Sunrises

There is plenty more to come from Year of the Sunrise. You can always add a cup of coffee to keep me going strong in the mornings, or a tank of gas to get me to some new places, as the sun keeps rising.