For sunrise No. 2,000* I will drive one mile for each dollar contributed.

Sunrise No. 2,000 is June 22.

With sunrises to go, 889 miles have been contributed.

$15 for 15 miles

Your contribution of 15 miles will get me miles away from home.

Current possible destinations include: Fort Peck, MT; Gilette, WY; Sterling, CO; Dodge City, KS; Okemah, OK; Hot Springs, AR; Grenada, MS; Birmingham, AL; Atlanta, GA; Hodges, SC; Rocky Mount, NC; Virginia Beach, VA; Buzzards Bay, MA; Waldoboro, ME; Humboldt, Saskatchewan and Rimouski, Quebec

Last updated May 18, 2024 1:05 P.M.

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Thank you contributors!

Amy, Ann, Annie, Barbara, Brian, Cassie, Cherry, Christopher, Dawn, Donna, Elizabeth, Gary, Griffin, James, Jennifer, Joy, Justin, Kate, Katey, Kathy, Katie, Kurt, Kyle, Laura, Laurie, Lourdes, Margaret, Mary, Matthew, Meredith, Pamela, Rachel, Sara, Sidney, Stephen, Tabetha, Teresa, Tieka, and Tracy

To date, the furthest sunrise since the inception of YOTS, is Belle Isle, 363 miles away from Marquette, as the crow flies.

How is it that Sunrise 1,000 was now one thousand sunrises ago? I made a big fuss of 1,000, I might as well make a big fuss of 2,000.

It’s time for a road trip. For a project that began with mini road trips every New Year’s Day, it’s the best way I know how to celebrate these milestones.

Frankly, another one thousand sunrises later, I feel I’ve put in the work and am overdue for a sizable road trip. There have been many road trips around the Great Lakes, but it’s time for something different. To date, I have only watched sunrise from Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Illinois. Two thousand mornings and I haven’t left the Great Lakes Region, I think it’s time.

This year’s Summer Solstice (4:50 PM on June 20) occurs just two days before No. 2,000. It seems fitting that I somehow include this in the road trip. Perhaps I depart early the morning of the Solstice, or head out the day before and wake up somewhere entirely new far, far away.

sunrises to go. Let’s get somewhere new.

Make your best pitch, where should I go for Sunrise 2,000?

How will this work?

  • For every dollar, I will drive one mile further away from Marquette.

  • For sake of ease, final location will be the distance “as the crow flies” rather than driving distance.

  • Mileage will be cutoff on May 31, then I’ll have three weeks to plan.

  • As to where I go, I won’t be announcing it, and you can follow along on Instagram and Twitter to see where I end up.

  • While it’s all an approximation, the perfectionist in me will try to make it as close as possible, but I don’t want to end up in the middle of a lake, or middle of the ocean.

  • Beginning with two nights away, I anticipate an extra night of lodging for every 500 miles contributed. This will actually allow for multiple new sunrise locations on my way to and from No. 2,000.

Slowly, very slowly, I’ve caught up and become more efficient with prints, sunrise cards, and the like. I’ll be sure to make a special sunrise card for 2,000 to send your way.

* Yes, if you’ve followed for a while you now know there’s an asterisk involved. It’s no longer consecutive sunrise 2,000, but it is 2,000th attempt, the 2,000th of this journey, and will hopefully be 1,999/2,000 watched and documented. That’s a 99.95% success rate. Read more…

A look back at sunrise No. 1,000

Leading up to No. 1,000 I had several wonderful conversations with Danny Freedman who wrote this piece for Hour Detroit.

Additionally, this video from Pure Michigan documents a portion of No. 1,000.