Purchase a 1,000th sunrise commemorative print

1,000th Sunrise

Watching 1,000 consecutive sunrises has been a journey like no other in my life. To commemorate this milestone, I am producing a limited run of 100 prints of the 1,000th sunrise, to be taken somewhere on Mackinac Island. Each print measures 11" x 14", signed by yours truly, and will be delivered with a sunrise sticker pack.

Will it be colorful? Will the sun shine? Your guess is as good as mine. No matter how the sun presents herself Sunday morning, this print will represent the dedication of committing to 1,000 consecutive sunrises, regardless of weather and the appearance of the sun.

Contribute to the road trip fund

For Sunrise 1,000 I’m planning a 1,000 mile road trip. From Marquette to Mackinac Island to East Lansing to Suttons Bay.

Between gas money, Airbnb rentals, food on the road, web servers, and lots of coffee, YOTS is mostly categorized as an expensive hobby. I love to put my content out on social media for free, but it certainly comes at a cost. Chip in for a cup of coffee or for a few miles, and it goes a long way.

Purchase a sunrise sticker pack

I’m also working on a Mackinac Island sunrise and 1,000th sunrise sticker pack. I’ll be frank, these were supposed to be designed by now, but we are in the thick of planning the 5th annual Fresh Coast Film Festival. Check it out, it’s another way to support these endeavors.

September 26 is my 1,000th consecutive sunrise

To pay homage to a milestone that means so much to me, I’m tracing back some of my sunrise roots with a 1,000 mile road trip around Michigan and three Great Lakes.

August 14 of YOTS I was the first mention of 1,000 sunrises. “1,000 Sunrises has a nice ring to it,” I wrote. As daunting as the first 365 sunrises were, it seemed far fetched to even be dreaming of 1,000. Morning by morning, as this milestone inches closer, there’s been an increasing weight of emotion. I see the breadth of beauty I’ve witnessed, reflect on the ways I’ve grown, and try to fathom the sheer amount of energy and commitment I’ve poured into these sunrise years.

Please join me, wherever you are

On this momentous occasion, September 26, it would especially meaningful if you joined me in watching the sunrise that morning, wherever it is you may be. It may clear skies, it may be gloomy, it may be a downpour, but whatever the case, I’d love for you to take a moment to step into my world for a morning. Maybe, you could even make a destination of sunrise.

What’s more, is so long as you watched fewer than 90 sunrises in 2020, thre is still time to complete the 2021 Sunrise Pledge.

“You wake up and you feel better about watching the sunrise come up, knowing it’s going to be a good day.” – Landon Gibson, Lake Linden-Hubbel sixth-grader

Yes it is Landon, it’s going to be a good day.

Source: Lake Linden school issues sunrise challenge